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Dental Laboratory Services

Natural Smile's highly trained dental lab technicians provide personalized attention our dentist's deserve. Our laboratory and team provide real results. Our dental lab technicians take pride as a team and coordinate job specific requirements. Natural Smile's highly trained dental lab technicians fabricate to exact specifications.


Porcelain Fused to Metal

- Posterior
Premolars and Molars
- Anterior
Incisors and Canine
- Crown with Post
A crown with a post built as one piece.
- Metal Occlusion
Three quarter metal occlusal face crown with buccal porcelain surface.
- Metal Lingual
Metal surface designed on the lingual portion of anteriors PFM when there’s not sufficient room.
- Under Partial Crown
PFM Crown manufactured under a partial denture.
- Porcelain Margin 180
A Porcelain ceramic margin built on the buccal portion of the restoration.
- Porcelain Margain 360
A Porcelain ceramic margin built 360 degrees around restoration.
- Maryland Bridge Per Pontic 
- Maryland Bridge Per Wing
- Pink Porcelian
Porcelain used to mimic gum tissue on ceramic restoration.
- Gold Crown

Made out of gold.


- Stock Abutment Prep
Any reduction that needs to be done on a stock abutment to be able to manufacture a restoration.
- Custom Abutment
An Abutment waxed from a UCLA to a specific shape to mimic tooth prep as much as possible.
- Ceramic Abutment
Ceramic added to a custom abutment to a specific shade,to make it look like a natural prep tooth.
- Implant Over Denture

A denture retained with implants.


Call for availability and pricing


- e.max Monolithic Posteriors
A premolar or molar waxed and pressed and then glazed to a specific shade.
- e.max Monolithic Anteriors
An incisor or canine waxed, pressed, and then glazed to a specific shade.

- e.max Layered
E-Max pressed crown and then cut back to be layered to match a custom shade. 
- e.max Pressed Veneer
E-Max pressed veneer which is cut back and layered to match a custom shade.
- e.max Inlay/Onlay
Waxed, pressed, and glazed to a specific shade.
- Zir-Bruxer Crown
A milled crown from a zirconia block stained and glazed to a  specific shade.
- Porcelain Layered to Zirconia

A zirconia frame work layered with porcelain to a specific shade or custom shade.

Custom Shades

We do custom shades in-Lab or at Dr.'s office.

Diagnostic Wax-up

Turnaround Time
Turn-around time is typically 10 business days in-lab (does not include implant or combination cases with PFM). Time listed is in-lab only and does not include shipping time. Full-mouth and combo cases may require additional information. Rush fees may apply if less than 10 business days are required.

Expediting Services
Certain restrictions and fees apply, please call for scheduling.


Workmanship Guarantee
Natural Smile Dental Laboratory proudly guarantees the workmanship and materials on all permanent all-ceramic restorations for 1 year and all permanent porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations for 2 years.

REAL Results!


"The custom shades Natural Smile Dental Lab provide are spot on! Are patients are always very critical of an exct macth and they have always been satisfied. The team is also always very corteous and professional."
Kenneth Cantwel, DDS

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